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Nurture Talent in York


Learning audition Skills for TV​

Masterclass workshop



Casting Director/writer 

Rick Laxton (CDG)

When ?

SUNDAY 27th January

Where ?

Friargate Theatre

Lower Friargate
York, YO1 9SL

Price: £70

Who is Rick Laxton

Rick is a freelance Casting Director with bases in Manchester and London.

He was Head of Casting at Lime Pictures between 2010 and 2015,

before which he spent seven years in the casting department at ITV in Manchester. 


Notable projects he has worked on include;

Hollyoaks, Peter Kay's Car Share,  Crown Court,

Rocket's Island, House of Anubis, The Case and

The Evermore Chronicles.


Rick also co-wrote BBC Two pilot THE PACT which stars

Sarah Solemani and Brett Goldstein, the pilot

aired as part of the 'New on Two' season in September.

About the workshop

This is an exclusive workshop for Nuture Talent

Rick will give a 60min workshop on audition techniques that are tailed for the younger student.

The workshop will include an icebreaker game to give the children confidence and open them up to creativity, followed by a talk about the industry and a mock audition including feedback. At the end of the workshop the children will have a deeper knowledge of the process of the auditions and have less fear and more confidence moving forward.



Filmed Auditions

The students will be split into pairs to shoot “filmed auditions” that can be used on spotlight. Scripts will be given to the students from Rick in the days before the workshop and the children will learn their lines for the filming. Each pair will be given a 20 min slot to rehearse and shoot their scene, which will be directed by Rick Laxton.


How To Book


You must be represnted by

nurture talent.


The 6- 10 year old workshop

runs from 11am - 2pm

The over 11's workshop

Runs from 3pm - 6pm

Please contact Frances Simon to book you place by





Or Via email:


to reserve your space today.

Payment in advance is need to secure your place

Who is Nurture Talent

Nurture Talent is a personal management agency in central york.

The founder Frances Simon is Speech and drama coach and

a professional actress .

To find out more about the agency visit

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